We made N.O.W.
because people are ready to feel better.

solu has one mission: to promote a whole new level of wellbeing by freeing people from their nagging, problematic thoughts.

Why ?

  • to relieve your stress
  • to enhance your focus
  • to increase your energy
  • to reveal new insights

…and to change your life.

The only way to accomplish this goal for people is to make it easy, and to make it effective. 

And with N.O.W., we did it.

Our dedicated team believes this:
If a mind becomes still, and taps into the power of N.O.W., anything becomes possible.

Questions or comments? Just email us: info@nowbysolu.com 

Michael Joly, founder of NOW by solu
Founder / CEO
Technical and Business Development

Michael Joly

Michael Joly has a track record of success in professional audio product engineering, psychoacoustics and new business development. He is a pioneer in the design and modification of boutique studio microphones. Michael has immersed himself in the study of Perennial Philosophy and Sound & Consciousness. These efforts, combined with Michael’s unique sense of hearing, has developed into a relationship with sound that led him to co-develop, with Alene Sibley, the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System.

Alene Sibley, and Lucy, the N.O.W tone therapy system, and mindfulness gurus
Product Co-Developer
Intuitive Strategy and Messaging

Alene Sibley

As an intuitive coach for individuals, Alene Sibley has spent over twenty years immersed in the psychology of chronic, problematic worry. Working with clients vulnerable to and preoccupied with a variety of stressors, she developed tactics for mindfulness through listening techniques. Practicing numerous healing modalities as applied for her clients (always with a preference for an effective hack), Alene explored ways to make healing and growth easier and faster. Her knowledge of the human condition combines at solu with communication and design skills, product innovations, and a steering of the company’s mission and messaging.

Ru Bio Pic v3
Customer Development Lead

Ruane Sibley

Ruane is a leader with a passion for people and customer development. With over twenty years in design consultation, conference and event planning, and business development, Ruane has demonstrable successes as a “Chief People Officer”. Ruane has been active in community outreach, and she brings to solu a track-record as an exceptional communicator capable of creating and maintaining connections at all levels. She has a talent for “filling the gaps” as well as translating information about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System into usable language.

The N.O.W engineering team behind the tone therapy system
Production Team

Shenzhen Engineering

Manufacturing company owner Kitty and her assistant Bella and their team are an integral part of N.O.W.’s innovative group.

Albert Einstein

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.

Albert Einstein

N.O.W. is just 3 minutes of listening, 2 times daily.