N.O.W. Tone Therapy System™

About the Sound Volume of N.O.W.

N.O.W. teaches nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment and stillness. As the user brings attention to listening, N.O.W. helps to quell unwanted thinking—the source of all stress and discomfort—and replace it with stillness.

As a teacher of stillness N.O.W. likes to be quiet. It would be inappropriate if N.O.W. shouted for attention like an advert or your mobile phone’s notification sounds and vibrations.

Instead, N.O.W. is like a trusted friend who speaks to you in a quiet voice. Read more

Welcome to N.O.W. by solu

First, a warm thank you to all the folks who have graciously offered the advice and encouragement that helped bring our first product to fruition.

And welcome to all of you just discovering our startup solu and our first product, N.O.W. This is Michael Joly writing.

Our first Tone Therapy System™, called N.O.W., is set to go into production in late July and we’ll be shipping in September. We’ve been testing N.O.W. thoroughly and it has lived up to its promise to be the most easy-to-use and effective way to bring about transformative change in your life. But N.O.W. does not do this alone … Read more

A 2nd FAQ About N.O.W.

Are there neurological / physiological references that inform or validate N.O.W.?

I don’t have clinical studies of N.O.W., but many clinical studies point to the proven efficacy of EMDR, meditation and mindfulness practices (to which N.O.W. is related). These studies offer many examples to those with analytical minds that need validation of the benefits that arise from reduced self-talk and greater stillness-of-mind.

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A 1st FAQ about N.O.W.

Folks have been sending insightful comments and probing questions about N.O.W.—bring them on I say!

I’m going to re-purpose some answers I wrote to email correspondents and share them here (special thanks to Tom G).

Re: Speaker Placement – The two N.O.W. speakers (we sometimes call them “pods” or “N.O.W. pods”) are completely autonomous and have no software, electrical, WiFi or Bluetooth communication with each other. Intentionally.  

N.O.W. stands for “New Origin Waveforms”. Read more

Cathedral Bells and Singing Bowls

I was just corresponding with H. who is in, or from, Germany. His email triggered some thoughts I’ll share here …

re: singing bowl – many people have noticed the resemblance of my product N.O.W. to singing bowls (I’ve owned many of them for 40 years).

I would say there is in an intentional difference between N.O.W. and singing bowls. I have intentionally restricted the timbre palette, the pitch range and the pitch intervals in N.O.W. while simultaneously reducing noise (no scraping of the wooden / leather rod), and creating a random interplay between left and right speakers to generate spatial movement. 

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Let’s talk about the N.O.W. online demo

Hey Folks, thanks again for listening to the online demo of N.O.W.

In this post I’ll tell you more about the demo of N.O.W. you just hearddescribe how this demo is different from the actual product, and invite you to share your observations, questions, comments and suggestion.

Each time you listen to the online demo, 1 of 3 different New Origin Waveform™ (N.O.W.) tone sequences play. This is different than the actual N.O.W. system we will release this summer. 

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Noise, Fog and Effortless Meditation

I used to design professional analog audio noise reduction systems. Now I’m making noise reduction for your mind.

Sound has led me here. I’ve worked with sound for over 40 years as a designer of professional audio products.

Professionally I came up in a time of magnetic tape and optical film soundtrack recording. Tape and optical recording had more background noise compared to modern digital recording. Noise reduction systems were used to reduce hiss and crackle and improve the clarity of recorded music and voices.

From 1980 to 1994 I designed analog noise reduction systems, primarily for motion picture use. I spent thousands of hours listening to recorded sounds fade into the haze of tape and optical soundtrack noise. One cannot do this deep, attentive listening, and be thinking, at the same time. One can either think, or listen, but not both at the same time. As a result of this work I got really good at being aware of something fade into nothing without any thoughts clouding my awareness of the present moment. Read more