The 3 Minute Life Cycle

New listeners to N.O.W. sometime comment on its 3 minute duration. “Why is it only 3 minutes long?” “Can you make it longer?” We could have very easily made N.O.W.’s duration longer. But while your thinking mind may want a longer duration, your essential self (the non-thinking, observing consciousness that is “you”) does not. I’ll explain. N.O.W.…

NOW by solu

Welcome to N.O.W. by solu

First, a warm thank you to all the folks who have graciously offered the advice and encouragement that helped bring our first product to fruition.
And welcome to all of you just discovering our startup solu and our first product, N.O.W. This is Michael Joly writing.

Our first Tone Therapy System™, called N.O.W., is set to go into production in late July and we’ll be shipping in September. We’ve been testing N.O.W. thoroughly and it has lived up to its promise to be the most easy-to-use and effective way to bring about transformative change in your life. But N.O.W. does not do this alone …

A 2nd FAQ About N.O.W.

Are there neurological / physiological references that inform or validate N.O.W.?
I don’t have clinical studies of N.O.W., but many clinical studies point to the proven efficacy of EMDR, meditation and mindfulness practices (to which N.O.W. is related). These studies offer many examples to those with analytical minds that need validation of the benefits that arise from reduced self-talk and greater stillness-of-mind.