N.O.W.’s Rare and Surprising Echo Feature

December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017 Michael Joly

N.O.W.’s Rare and Surprising Echo Feature

Sooner or later you will hear a rare and surprising feature of N.O.W. – “echo play”.

Instead of each N.O.W. speaker playing a completely different tone sequence (as is the norm), on rare occasion the two N.O.W. speakers each play the same tone sequence. The effect is subtle, and may not even be noticed, but it is a possibility built into the N.O.W. system. The “echo play” feature exists for several reasons.

One, this feature keeps you on your toes! It’s sort of like riding a merry go round knowing there’s a small chance a brass ring may be captured. When you know there is a tiny chance one of N.O.W.’s speaker will duplicate the sound of the other this lends an additional aura of interest and attention to your listening (we’ve built several features into N.O.W. that help attract and keep your focus on the present moment). And if you forget “echo play” can happen, you’ll be surprised when it does occur–and this will rejuvenate your listening sessions going forward.

Second, N.O.W.’s “echo play” feature is subtle teaching on “the sameness of the other”. N.O.W.’s “echo play” offers a direct experience of two separate sound objects producing the same tone sequence. When this occurs, one can take this opportunity to contemplate (wordlessly) the spiritual truth of “the other is another me”.

Third, “echo play” is a direct experience of the truth of the reciprocity of giving and receiving–one receives as one gives, and this can be a contemplative focus as well. 

And fourth, the “echo play” feature allows for the unusual experience of noticing the present moment moment twice, or hearing an echo of the present moment, but taken together this is still a New Now Moment.

N.O.W’s “echo play” feature is a bit of the “trickster” at play.