Q: What is N.O.W.?

A: N.O.W. is a set of two, palm-sized loudspeakers that play pure tone sequences that help you relieve stress, increase focus and achieve greater peace of mind.

Q: N.O.W. is an acronym, what does it stand for?

A: N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveform—the heart of our our patent-pending aural neuromodulation process. Each time N.O.W. is used it creates an entirely new audible waveform sequence. The novelty of each new waveform sequence gently pulls your attention to the present moment—the only moment you’re alive and the only possible origin of your future.

So while N.O.W. contains some powerful neuromodulation technology, it simply helps you be moe increasingly aware of … being aware. And that feels calm, spacious and often—joyous. This is your natural state of wholeness, and something you may have not truly experience since you were 4 years old and spinning around like a top!

Q: I like the sound of N.O.W., but why is it only 3 minutes long?

A: This is one of our favorite questions! N.O.W. is sort of like a meditation teacher who talks about of the value of present moment awareness. But most students have trouble keeping their attention on the present moment for very long. Before we know it, our attention wanders to thoughts of our past glories or tonight’s dinner plans.

Knowing this, we made N.O.W. a powerfully alluring 3 minute experience so that you can successfully sustain your intention to listen attentively. If N.O.W. was a longer duration, we know the mind would tend to “tune it out” and begin to treat it as pleasant aural wallpaper or incense.

We know that trying to listen for 3 minutes with “intentional attention” is an ideal “growing edge” for most people who are not Tibetan monks with 20,000 hours of meditation practice behind them. Besides, our patent-pending aural neuromodulaton system quickly gets you “in the zone” and brings the benefits of a mediation practice in just minutes. Easy. Quick. Effective. Why spend all day sitting in meditation?

Q: What’s the right way to use N.O.W.?

A: The way that is right for you. Seriously. You can listen by yourself, with a partner or with a group. You can listen in your quiet meditation room or on bench waiting for the bus. All we ask is that you power on both speakers and be sure you’re hearing both speakers produce the New Origin Waveform tones.

N.O.W. is an asynchronous, dual-mono, auditory experience. Each N.O.W. speaker produce a completely new tone sequence each time it is turned on, and this creates an near-infinite variety of tone sequences when you use N.O.W. as intended—with both speakers playing at the same time. We call this experience a New N.O.W. Moment®.
If you’re indoors, just press and release the power button. There will be a 3 second gap before the tones start. This is a good time to take a deep centering breath. The initial power on volume level is set to be ideal for quiet indoor rooms. N.O.W. is a “lean in / listen up” experience. It is like have a good, intimate conversation with a friend who speaks quietly.

If you’re outdoors, or if you’re listening with a group, you may want to press and release “Power” then press and release “VOL” one or twice. A third press of “VOL” brings the volume back to the initial power on level.

Just listen. That’s it. Just have the intention to listen attentively. If thoughts enter your mind you can either “blink them away” or simply note them, and then return your attention to listening. We know this—it simply is not possible to be listening attentively AND be thinking at the same time. Impossible. Try it for yourself. When ever you bring intentional attention to listening your thinking stops and you become aware of being aware. You become aware of your essential self—consciousness.

Q: Do I have to hold N.O.W. in my hands?

A: Only if you prefer this (many people do) and like to feel the pleasing vibrations of the tone sequences. In addition to being held in the hands, N.O.W. can be placed on a tabletop or on desk just a few inches away from you. Or N.O.W. can be placed across the room. The pure sine wave tones created by each N.O.W. speaker actually interact with each other, the room boundaries and with listeners. No matter how it is used, N.O.W. always creates an absolutely unique auditory experience for each person in the room, each time it is used.