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N.O.W. offers an ideal-length, 3 minute listening session only.

We made it brief because N.O.W.’s New Origin Waveform tones are powerful and they work quickly. We made it brief so it will easy for you to use every day.

Because N.O.W.’s New Origin Waveform tones are so pleasant, some people have asked for a 20 or 30 minute session –– sort of a sonic wallpaper or soporific. But N.O.W. is very different than a sleep machine. N.O.W. actually awakens your consciousness, quickly –– it gives you quick access to your essential Self, as well as a quick reset away from stress and anxiety that can improve the rest of your day when you’re not listening.

N.O.W.’s New Origin Waveform tones are powerful, but they would lose the power of a complete cycle of: formlessness, evolving life, and return to formlessness … IF the duration was longer and could not be experienced as a complete whole. N.O.W. is like a 3-minute hit single of mindfulness. If N.O.W. was longer it would become background sound that might be pleasant, but not a powerfully transformative experience of Oneness.

We’ve had many people tell us they enjoy either starting or ending meditation or yoga sessions with N.O.W., so the 3 minute duration is perfect for these applications also.

Finally, N.O.W. is not a mechanical device or machine, it simply looks like two speakers because the experience it offers had to be delivered through a form. It is what it is –– a singular, healing experience of Oneness that only takes 3 minutes.

You sure can. Try not to have any expectations. Simply just listen to N.O.W.–it does the heavy lifting for you! In the beginning you’ll notice that you sometime pay attention to the N.O.W. tones and then at other times you are aware you are thinking about something. This is natural. But really quite special–when you realize you are not really listening, but thinking about something, this is an awakening …

… look at this–the “you” that notices “you” are thinking (not listening) is pure, awakened, consciousness!

And there is a huge world of positive change that is going to happen when you experience this, and return to experience this.

Yes! But you should know that the volume of N.O.W. is somewhat quiet–it was designed as a “sit close, lean in, listen up” experience.

So for group work we suggest 10 – 12 people should sit in a circle with N.O.W. in the center. This way folks will be only a few feet away from N.O.W. and the volume will be perfectly adequate, especially if the Vol+ button is pushed twice.

Group work can be a really amazing experience as folks become still, together, and feel that Oneness. Enjoy!

No, N.O.W. is dual, asynchronous monaural. The two speakers are completely independent of each other.

Each N.O.W. speaker plays a different tone sequence every time it is used. When the two N.O.W. speakers are used together (as is intended) a completely “new now moment” is created from the interplay of the two tone sequences–as you listen.

This makes the sound quality of present moment always new, alluring and different. With regular use, your focus is increasingly shifted from thinking … to listening … to pure awareness of being–consciousness awakened from the dream of form identification.

Only if you prefer this (many people do) and like to feel the pleasing vibrations of the tone sequences. In addition to being held in the hands, N.O.W. can be placed on a tabletop or on desk just a few inches away from you. Or N.O.W. can be placed across the room. The pure sine wave tones created by each N.O.W. speaker actually interact with each other, the room boundaries and with listeners. No matter how it is used, N.O.W. always creates an absolutely unique auditory experience for each person in the room, each time it is used.

The way that is right for you. Seriously. You can listen by yourself, with a partner or with a group. You can listen in your quiet meditation room or on bench waiting for the bus. All we ask is that you power on both speakers and be sure you’re hearing both speakers produce the New Origin Waveform tones.

N.O.W. is an asynchronous, dual-mono, auditory experience. Each N.O.W. speaker produce a completely new tone sequence each time it is turned on, and this creates an near-infinite variety of tone sequences when you use N.O.W. as intended—with both speakers playing at the same time. We call this experience a New N.O.W. Moment®.

If you’re indoors, just press and release the power button. There will be a 3 second gap before the tones start. This is a good time to take a deep centering breath. The initial power on volume level is set to be ideal for quiet indoor rooms. N.O.W. is a “lean in / listen up” experience. It is like have a good, intimate conversation with a friend who speaks quietly.

If you’re outdoors, or if you’re listening with a group, you may want to press and release “Power” then press and release “VOL” once or twice. A third press of “VOL” brings the volume back to the initial power on level.

Just listen. That’s it. Just have the intention to listen attentively. If thoughts enter your mind you can either “blink them away” or simply note them, and then return your attention to listening. We know this—it simply is not possible to be listening attentively AND be thinking at the same time. Impossible. Try it for yourself. When ever you bring intentional attention to listening your thinking stops and you become aware of being aware. You become aware of your essential self—consciousness.

N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveform—the heart of our our patent-pending aural neuromodulation process. Each time N.O.W. is used it creates an entirely new audible waveform sequence. The novelty of each new waveform sequence gently pulls your attention to the present moment—the only moment you’re alive and the only possible origin of your future.

So while N.O.W. contains some powerful neuromodulation technology, it simply helps you be moe increasingly aware of … being aware. And that feels calm, spacious and often—joyous. This is your natural state of wholeness, and something you may have not truly experience since you were 4 years old and spinning around like a top!

N.O.W. is a set of two, palm-sized loudspeakers that play pure tone sequences that help you relieve stress, increase focus and achieve greater peace of mind. Each time you use N.O.W. you’ll hear a new, created-in-the-moment tone sequence. This makes the present moment alluring.

Like all high quality audio systems, N.O.W. produces a low level background hiss that is audible if you place the speakers near your ears. N.O.W. actually offers CD sound quality (better than .mp3 recording) because it uses the same 16 bit .wav sound file type as found in CD players. The difference in what you hear is that the only recording in the N.O.W. speakers is that of pure sine wave tones played in a range that does not include the upper and lower noise-masking qualities that come with normal music and other recordings. It is actually the lack of masking sounds that makes the hiss noticeable when held up to your ears. It is also a lovely effect of the tones having been created in complete stillness, produced in real-time, in real ways, with analog instruments and recordings and free of any digital manipulation.

In other words, for those who at first notice the white noise outside of the tones, they are not meant to not be there so they are not a concern. And there are two considerations: If you hold the speakers away from your ears by about a foot, or place your N.O.W. speakers on a table or desk in front of you, and bring your attention to the tones themselves, you will not hear the hiss at all –– but you will soon notice you’re more relaxed! Second, we consider it a lovely way that the environment of the recordings connects in air to the environment in which they are played. They might just be more perfect than you realize!

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