Thank you for your interest in learning more about solu.

solu’s mission is to bring peace and healing to people through sound.

We’re succeeding at this with our Tone Therapy technology. Tone Therapy is available in our hardware-based n.o.w. Tone Therapy System which has helped thousands of people better handle the stress and anxiety in their lives.

Soon, Tone Therapy will be available as a SaaS solution on the iOS, Android, and Alexa platforms, giving us the opportunity to help millions more.

We’re raising an angel round to accelerate our self-funded and bootstrapped success.

Join our beta test

Please supply an email registered to your Alexa-enabled device. We’ll add you to the Tone Therapy beta test. PLEASE NOTE: This demo is time-limited. Sign up and activate your demo today.

Tone Therapy by Solu is the simplest and most effective way to meditate.

A differentiated product to beat the competition. 

How does Tone Therapy work?
Tone Therapy transcends the limitations of all current meditation products by offering the benefits of a meditation practice with no human-guided voice or body-worn device calibration. Just press ON, and listen.

Why is Tone Therapy more effective?
By eliminating a users propensity to judge the meditation app’s guide voice, or endure a body-worn device calibration process, Tone Therapy makes the present moment invitingly familiar, intriguingly different and judgment-free. This leads to easier and quicker user engagement, greater user retention and more benefits for the user.

People agree: Compelling word of mouth sales and organic referrals drove 119% average YoY growth in 2019.  Annual revenue in 2019 was $362,000.

Massive growth opportunity: $9B market opportunity, with potential to enter several other markets.

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Our technology is proprietary and portable with new products on the horizon.

n.o.w. Tone Therapy System

solu’s proprietary aural neuromodulation content and composition engine delivers a different, individualized experience to each listener every time a Tone Therapy session is initiated.  We have filed a provisional utility patent for this technology, and have made significant progress in porting our hardware product to multiple software platforms.

Tone Therapy for Alexa

With Tone Therapy for Alexa, we’ve taken the proven success of our hardware-based n.o.w. Tone Therapy System and ported it to the Alexa platform. We’re about to release free and also affordable subscription-based versions thus enabling SaaS with MRR.

solu mobile solutions

Our success on the Alexa platform will inform future efforts to deploy Tone Therapy on the iOS and Android platforms. We’re particularly excited about our special 1-minute, reset-the-day version of Tone Therapy that helps people use their ears to get away from the stress of what they see on their phones (or hear in their minds).

Join our beta test

Please supply an email registered to your Alexa-enabled device. We’ll add you to the Tone Therapy beta test. PLEASE NOTE: This demo is time-limited. Sign up and activate your demo today.

We are a team with experience and passion.

Founder / CEO

Michael Joly has a track record of success in professional and consumer audio product development, psychoacoustics and new business development (as former founder of OktavaMod). He is the co-developer of the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, and led our first product’s reduction-to-engineering practice through to manufacture and marketing. Prior to solu, he pioneered the business concept of modifying inexpensive recording studio microphones to deliver results rivaling microphones costing 10 times more, turning Octavamod into an internationally recognized brand. Additionally Michael has long immersed himself in the study of Perennial Philosophy and Sound & Consciousness. He believes the heart must lead the mind; in that race, he claims he’s neck and neck.

n.o.w. Co-Developer & SVP

As an intuitive coach for individuals, Alene Sibley has spent over twenty years immersed in the psychology of chronic, problematic worry. Working with clients vulnerable to and preoccupied with a variety of stressors, she developed tactics for mindfulness through listening techniques. Practicing numerous healing modalities as applied for her clients (always with a preference for an effective hack), Alene explored ways to make healing and growth easier and faster. Her knowledge of the human condition combines at solu with communication and design skills, product innovations, and a steering of the company’s mission and messaging. In other words, she is the vocal—and effective—backseat driver at solu.

Customer Success Lead, Voice Content Talent & Developer

Ruane is an empathic leader with a passion for people and customer success. With over twenty years in design consultation, conference and event planning, and business development, Ruane has demonstrable achievements as a “Chief People Officer.” Ruane is active in community outreach, and brings to solu a history as an exceptional communicator capable of creating and maintaining connections at all levels. Ruane is also solu’s in-house voice talent––lending her uniquely mellifluous sound to our Tone Therapy for Alexa and other voice-based SaaS products.

A better future will come from compassionate hearts and calm minds. Try our demo and see the possibilities for yourself. Then contact me to explore how, with your help, we can make this happen.

(If the consumer meditation market does not fit your investment thesis please refer this opportunity and demo to a colleague).

Michael Joly / Founder / CEO