A Practice Suggestion: Just Listen

December 12, 2017 Michael Joly

A Practice Suggestion: Just Listen

Recently we received an email about N.O.W.’s 3 minute duration to which solu co-founder Alene Sibley responded. I’ve edited the original email and Alene’s response for privacy, but the essence of the question and answer is intact. Alene speaks very compellingly for the power of N.O.W.  Her message? Just listen.

Original email exerpt: “The three minute duration of N.O.W. may be good for some people, but all I am doing after using the device for a month is anticipating the end of the cycle and it is disrupting to have to reset the device to capture the “peace” that is almost (for me) generated.”

Alene’s response:

You articulated so well how you feel that you are on the verge of peace, when suddenly the rug is pulled out from under you as the 3-minute tone session is up. 

I thank you so much for reaching out with your suggestions and your interest. What I really hope is that you won’t give up using N.O.W., just yet, even if it is only three minutes of sound on the set of speakers. Here is why:

I have a feeling that if you keep using N.O.W. on a regular basis you are going to witness extraordinary and unexpected changes in your life — changes that will be experienced well outside of the times when you are actually listening to the device.

Wanting 20 or 30 minutes of respite into peace seems like the best thing ever (I KNOW), but this listening system of tones devised by Michael is something very different than a tranquility-inducer that makes you feel good. It is that, but not only that — it is actually something far more wonderful; I describe it as more of a quick window into the essential Self as well as being a reset into your day here on 3-D earth. 

I’m going to suggest a little something to practice here, because I am just like you and will look at and analyze my experiences in much the same way as you describe very well in your short email. Take the N.O.W. and use it twice a day or more, deliberately, and let go of anything you wish you could feel from it.

Just try this for a few days, but really try it. Your only responsibility is this: Listen with full intent, attentively, without judgment. 

Every time you have the thought “the N.O.W. session is going to end soon,”  just listen. Every time you think you are beginning to feel peace, just listen. Every time you realize you are realizing anything, whether it is positive or negative or a straying thought or a connected-to-the-experience thought, recall that your practice is to, again: just listen. And then do just that. This might sound repetitive of me, but N.O.W. will bring you what it can bring you, personally, if you just listen. Then it will shut off and that’s that.

I understand there is a trust factor involved, so do not take my word for it. Just give it a try in this way for a while; you’ll know soon if my suggestion leads to a truth for you, in your relationship to the device.

But do know this: if you are anticipating the ending, you are actually not listening. You are not present in the moment. You are “thinking-forward” in time.

I think you might have a profound shift awaiting you, because having identified this factor of anticipation, you have a real chance to step out of mental, time-based experience of the tones and find out what happens when they bring you out of time altogether.

Our point with N.O.W. is to help change lives altogether, so be gentle toward yourself and simply observant with your N.O.W. system. You’ll be rocking this peace in no time. (You may take or leave that as a pun!)  🙂

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