N.O.W. as Teacher of Oneness

February 10, 2018
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February 10, 2018 Michael Joly

N.O.W. as Teacher of Oneness

The N.O.W. Tone Therapy System can be experienced as a teaching of oneness awareness.

By design, N.O.W. can create a tonal / spatial environment the listener can interact with use to become more familiar with the differences between separation and Oneness. It is helpful to experience degrees of Oneness from the same simple teaching materials, because this demonstrates awareness of Oneness is a matter of perception and knowledge, and does not rely on the physical properties of forms. 

Phew. Let’s unpack that a bit.

As I’ve noted before, I regard N.O.W. as a delivery system of teachings. While I co-developed N.O.W., and invented its physical form and functions, I am simply the messenger and not originator of the messages of its teachings.

When I speak of N.O.W. as a delivery system of teachings, this is something my co-developer Alene Sibley and I gradually became aware of, as told to us by listening to N.O.W. itself, and not something we personally designed into N.O.W.

As a result of our “outsider” relationship to N.O.W., Alene and I have no hesitation speaking of its various qualities or power –– because we’re not speaking about our own ideas, will, intention or desires. We’re speaking about a system that manifested through our particular technical, artistic and intuitive intelligences, and, gosh darn it, hard work ; )

In short, the N.O.W. experience is something we’re helping to deliver to the world, not something that is the product of our own will.

N.O.W. continues to surprise us on a daily basis and reveal something new. Today I became aware that N.O.W. can be experienced as a teaching about the ever-present reality of Oneness, but the experience of Oneness is up to the individual to perceive.

Let us recall that N.O.W.’s physical form consists of two self-powered speakers with built in tone sequence generators. The speakers have no wired or wireless connection to each other. The tone sequence generators in each speaker have no connection to each other. In other words, N.O.W. is a dual mono, asynchronous, tone sequence system. It is definitely not stereo (whereby there is a singular, left-to-right stereo sound stage created by two speakers).

The dual mono, asynchronous aspect of N.O.W. is one of 7 key, patent-pending aspects I’ll touch on in different blog entries, but today’s focus is on the “One from Two” aspect of N.O.W.

When you see N.O.W., the eyes show you two objects. When you hold N.O.W., the hands feel two objects. But when you hear N.O.W., depending on your distance from it, you experience varying degrees of Oneness created from apparently separate forms. This is one of N.O.W.’s transcendent teachings, a teaching delivered without symbolic, dualistic language. A teaching delivered though the power of pure non-conceptualized sound itself.

We can experiment with, and experience degrees of Oneness awareness.

Simply take up N.O.W. into your hands, one speaker in each hand. Notice your eyes see two separate objects. Notice your hands feel two separate objects.

Turn on both N.O.W. speakers. Notice how separate impulse tones are heard coming from the speaker in your left and from the speaker in your right hand. Also notice that occasionally some sustained tones appear to float between both speakers or travel back and forth between them.

While N.O.W. is literally “close at hand” you are very close to, and observant of, its physical form –– both the visual appearance of two separate objects and the tactile sensation of two separate objects. With N.O.W. in your hands, and in your field of view, you are largely aware of the separate contributions of the separate speakers. You are aware of separation.

Now place the two N.O.W. speakers next to each other on a surface some 6 feet or so away from you and return to your sitting place. Either close your eyes, or shift your gaze away from N.O.W. itself. Notice how you now hear a single, unified tonal sequence.

Yes, from moment-to-moment (the dimension of “time”) you hear one impulse tone after another. But in the present moment (the spatial dimension), you hear no separation of the two speakers. In fact, the sustained tones, can at various points in the 3 minute listening session, appear to be hovering at different point in the room (this is a quality of the interaction pure, sustained sine wave tones and physical room boundaries and not a some sleight of hand).

By physically removing ourselves from near proximity to the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System we are more able to observe its ability to show us an experience of Oneness. This truth can be experienced both as a spiritual metaphor and as present moment reality. Become still, shift your perceptual awareness from nearby physical forms and become aware of a unified field of Oneness. See the forest from the trees in other words.

This exercise of contrast, whereby we first bring awareness to separation then to Oneness, is a powerful demonstration of how focus on physical form can obscure the more subtle reality of Oneness resident within and amongst all forms.

This is why I say N.O.W. delivers a teaching on the degrees of awareness of Oneness –– and how we can transcend perception to directly know Oneness.