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Thank you for your interest in the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System—this special new product offers the personally transformative, life-changing powers of a dedicated meditation practice: in only three minutes per session.

It is the only technology of its kind on the market.

N.O.W. is simple but it is also a very new concept; as such, we encourage anyone writing about N.O.W. to use our resources here, and to contact us with any questions.


Unlike almost all products brought to market, N.O.W. has no demographic—it really is one of the few products on the planet that is for everyone and anyone. We have found it to be as effective with elders as it is with infants, from school children to professional executives, those who seek mindfulness practices to those who want a quick fix, from the healthy to the physically challenged. We target no one genre in particular because everyone can benefit from connecting with themselves more.

In our testing phase N.O.W. has proven that it crosses all bridges.


Hear Now Systems – solu®, has released its first product!

N.O.W. is the personal sound-based meditation device that helps people relieve their stress, have greater focus, and find happiness in their lives.

N.O.W. revolutionizes the personal meditation practice with a small sound system designed to relieve stress, increase concentration and energy, and induce a meditative experience in 3 minutes. It brings the positive effects of a mindfulness practice to everyone.

We are so confident in N.O.W. that we offer this system to our users with a full 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.


N.O.W. is so simple as to be truly deceiving in its effectiveness.


is NOT an app, CD or MP3 , music of any kind, guiding voices or goal-oriented visualization. N.O.W. is two speakers the size of your palms—these are the tools that bring the special, patent-pending sounds of N.O.W. into your life.

N.O.W. plays tones for 3 minutes, and the user listens. With intentional listening, the emitted sounds are designed to quickly bring about a state of mental ease, then into and through a depth of sound and relaxation, and a final release back into the environment.


N.O.W. requires just one electronic step: turn on the button at the bottom of each speaker.

The tones play from both of the two speakers, each speaker playing a file selected at random by that speaker. Together the two play as one.

The system will NEVER play the same arrangement of tones as what it has played before or what it will play in the future. Therefore:

The listener can NEVER ANTICIPATE the sounds. The tones are comfortably familiar and yet new in their arrangement with each session, making it easy to achieve presence in the moment as there is no anticipation or familiarity with what the sounds “should” do. Unlike with a piece of music, this randomness allows for a new ability to practice presence and awareness on a regular basis, quickly and easily.

Toward the end of the 3-minute session, the tones begin to fade. This is an important part of the session, the time when one is lifted out of the deeper experience and into a refreshed and conscious awareness of their surroundings.
It really is that simple. And it really is effective.


We designed N.O.W. to make life easier, kinder, and more joyful. We wanted to address the human problem of incessant, unwanted thinking, and we want our users’ lives to be both normal, and exceptional. We know this is possible if there is a centering in presence.

Everyone can now own a N.O.W.!

We have launched on our store: www.nowbysolu.com

And at Amazon: www.amazon.com/solu-N-O-W-Tone-Therapy-System

Retail price is $149.00 per set. FREE shipping inside US.

Educational/institutional discounts available with inquiry.


A session of using the N.O.W.

  • Pick up one speaker, press ON.

  • Repeat with second speaker.

  • Place speakers on nearby surface, hold in hands or place on body.

  • Listen to the tones as they play in a forever new and changing arrangement.

  • Don’t worry as your mind wanders. Just come back to listening to the tones.

  • After 3 minutes the tones will fade down to silence, lifting you back into the environment around you.

The system shuts itself off for you, and you are free to be!

N.O.W. is patent-pending, and copies NO OTHER technology or current device—it is singular as a product. N.O.W. is forging its own path.

It is not an app in your phone or on your computer, it’s not head worn and does not use radio frequencies to effect brain changes, it does not use voice-guided meditation and is not a noise-masking machine.

It is a self-contained hardware product that can be used individually or in a group setting.

N.O.W. was created by a couple with a vision. It is with intention that we have been excited by the science of mindfulness but have not limited the product to what science is currently capable of measuring. That is the reason for our money-back guarantee on

N.O.W. Because we know it works, but we are only just beginning to find out even MORE about how it works and what it can do… from the users themselves.


Michael Joly is an audio product designer and an award-winning pioneer in the design and modification of boutique studio microphones.  Combining his unique sense of hearing, engineering skills and manufacturing chops with his education in mindfulness and sound-and-consciousness methods and efficacy led to the invention of the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. Michael built the analog tone instruments used to produce the N.O.W. sounds, as well as designing the microphones for their recording and doing all recordings alone under strict stillness requirements.

Alene Sibley, an intuitive coach for individuals who has spent over twenty years working with clients preoccupied by a variety of stressors in the physical, mental and emotional realms. She developed tactics for mindfulness and healing through listening techniques for her clients, as well as practicing numerous physical and energetic modalities. With an applied interest in helping to make personal healing and growth both easier and faster, and an artistic background, Alene steers many development and design elements of the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System.



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