To have the most success with your new

N.O.W. Tone Therapy System


WHY 3 MINUTES: Some people want the tones to play longer than 3 minutes. Our 3 minute session is deliberate and is a key to fitting N.O.W. into your life, easily, every day. This length provides the alertness required for N.O.W. to be effective. N.O.W. is about helping you to transform deeply, and N.O.W. is about the moments in-between listening sessions, when you are living your life—trust it and watch what happens.

POWER: Turn each speaker on with a slow momentary press of power button, then release. DO NOT TURN THE UNITS OFF! The system is designed to play for 3 minutes, and will shut itself off. Make sure the blue light is fully off before turning N.O.W. back on.

PLAY:  For proper effect always play the two speakers at the same time, but they can start seconds apart. There is a 3-second silence before the tones begin. You may turn on one speaker first followed by the second speaker.

VOLUME:  The volume button has 3 settings:

Initial – Volume up – Volume up more.

Simply press and release button for each step up.

The third press cycles volume back down to Initial setting

USE: Listen to N.O.W. two times daily, for the 3-minute duration. More sessions are fine if desired. Listen all the way through the fade at the end (one of the most important parts of the session) which brings you back into the sounds around you and new awareness.

ATTENTION SPAN:  A clear mind is not a requirement of N.O.W. During the session your mind will wander—this is natural. When noticed, gently allow your mind to refocus on listening attentively, over and over. This builds concentration and an expanded awareness of how your mind behaves.

ADDITIONAL:  N.O.W. is designed to give you a 3-minute experience of evolving mindfulness based around independent and simultaneous play of our patent-pending New Origin Waveform tones.The system’s sound arrangements are in constant change, thus keeping the sessions ever fresh and your mind free of the type of anticipation associated with music or other linear recordings.

On rare occasions, the sounds will echo each other for the duration of the session.This is an interesting occurrence, and one that the unit itself has created as a “reflective” experience that can reset awareness and attentive listening. This reflective listening will not feel the same as the normal play of the tones, and provides yet another lift out of mental expectations.

STAY IN TOUCH WITH US:  N.O.W. is brand new technology and deserves discussion. We are very responsive to communicating; for more ideas and information on your  N.O.W. system, please visit our site and the blog. We are building community and huge wellness and growth, and would love to have you join us!