Maria Thomas-
Founder: Hyperhidrosis, My Life as a Puddle

How N.O.W. Helped Me Enjoy the Moment

I have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). My first encounter with the
N.O.W. meditation system was on a cruise ship. My friend Megan from The Kindness Rocks Project
had the speakers with her as we were getting ready for a fashion show. I was incredibly nervous that
my hyperhidrosis would get in the way, ruining the beautiful clothing and shoes I was asked to model
on stage. After I held the speakers for just three minutes, I instantly felt calmer. I could feel the tones
pulsing through my body, as if they were cleansing my energy and getting my nerves up and out of
my body. A few hours later, I paraded across that stage and was dry as a bone! It brings tears to my
eyes every time I remember this; for once, my condition didn’t hijack my life.
That was almost a year ago, and today I make time for N.O.W. as part of my daily routine. While I still
sweat, I can better manage it now. I don’t leave for work without first meditating, and even my Pug,
Maya, knows when it’s time to sit still. She sits at my feet, and we meditate together!
Other benefits I’ve experienced thanks to N.O.W.:

  • Creative ideas come to me more easily – I now keep a journal next to my bed for when ideaswake me up.
  • Increased patience – I’m able to be in the moment, non-reactive and listening when inmeetings or having difficult conversations.
  • I see colors and images when I use the N.O.W. system – it’s heightened my other senses.
  • Meditation helps me access the parasympathetic nervous system so that I am not in fight orflight mode all the time.
  • Improved health – mentally and physically thanks to the immune system boost that’s scientifically proven as a benefit of meditation.If you’ve never meditated before, the N.O.W. system will help you on your journey. It’s the bestmeditation product I’ve ever used and is worth the investment. So is your peace of mind.
Photo Credit: George Burns
Photo Credit: George Burns
Photo Credit: Maria Thomas
Photo Credit: Maria Thomas
Photo Credit: Maria Thomas
Photo Credit: Maria Thomas

Barry Lane-
Musician, author, founder of Force Field for Good

Wow! Not N.O.W. WOW! I have been using these for a week and for both myself and with groups of children. It is pure magic because it cannot be described with words how these sounds get inside your mind and soothe you. I was at a school working with 150 restless children. I told the Principal I was going to meditate with them for 3 minutes. Her response. “Good luck.” Well, I stood there with my eyes’s closed. To my right and to my left a child held each speaker. The room grew still as the children focused on the gentle tones. I could physically feel their minds slowing down. By the time we were done it was like the clouds had lifted. We were all in the same room, in the same school, on the same planet. Instant clarity.


Retail business owner

My partner and I have been undergoing a time of stress, and our communication on important issues has been terrible for months. About 3 weeks ago we’d really gotten to a point of impatience and anger when supposedly trying to understand one another. 

Two weeks ago I decided to pull out the N.O.W. set I’d been given as a gift, which I was listening to a few times a week, and I suggested we take a break from trying to figure out the latest knot and just listen to the sounds. We didn’t return to arguing even though nothing felt fixed. Then, we did it again the next day right as we got tense over a common issue. Then twice the next day and the next, together, just because. Now we listen together every day.

I still use them on my own too. I feel like we have a great supportive tool right on our counter.

Thank you for this amazing product that is giving us a chance to be quiet and listen to peace instead of our own voices.

Chad and Eleni feet

Economics major and hockey player at Dartmouth College.

N.O.W. has become an important tool to help bring balance to an extremely demanding schedule. With daily tests, deadlines, and coach expectations the tones are providing the moment of connection that makes all the difference in his day.

“Listening to N.O.W. allowed me to reflect on my daily activities including hockey, my classes, and the effort and strategies I was putting into those things. Certainly, these reflections were crucial in my ability to make changes, which helped me finish my term on a stronger note. The N.O.W. system allowed me six minutes every day to make sure I approached life with the right mindset, which translates into a lot more than just attitude.

“I found it useful to use on hockey game days. As an athlete, I find it essential to have a clear, stress free mentality on game day. N.O.W. was helpful in helping me achieve that mindset on game days.

“The tones were incredibly soothing. They were something that I would listen to not only for meditating purposes, but for studying or going about daily tasks of importance.”
“If I were not to continue to use the system, I would probably be putting myself at a disadvantage.”

Academic and therapeutic counselor at center for at-risk middle- and high school-age girls.

N.O.W. has become an anticipated touchstone for Randi throughout her day. She starts with listening in the car before her morning commute, then shares them with the staff and girls at the center, listening after lunch, then sometimes late afternoon and early evening for a wind-down, and any time she feels her heart racing. She has found a significant decrease in her anxiety by creating her own pattern of use throughout the day that helps her maintain a decreased anxiety level.

Randi says N.O.W. has become a needed part of her box of tools for the girls: it’s something to hold with a grounding weight to it and tones that bring in your focus and attention.

“I have been suffering from an increase in my blood pressure for the last 5 years. Since introducing the tones into my day I no longer feel the rise in my blood pressure or the racing of my heart like I used to. My numbers are actually down!

“One of our girls (at the school), who has suffered trauma, was literally rocking in the chair as we met. I asked to her to hold the tones and listen. She immediately stopped rocking. She became calm, present and focused.”


“I have to tell you something exciting about the N.O.W. I’m a hard-core insomniac, and recently got “sober” from the Xanax I’ve been taking for years to fall asleep. What I do is read for as long as it takes to get sleepy, but last night it was 1AM and I was still wide awake. I brought the system into bed with me. Those blue lights are an amazing part of the nighttime experience! I didn’t necessarily feel sleepier, but as I stretched out under the covers, I was in such a graceful frame of  mind that sleep settled over me the way it’s supposed to do, such as when parents tuck you in and say, “Go to sleep now.”

Medical Physicist who is a long-time sufferer of PTSD.

Forrest has worked for years with EMDR and TFT therapies. He is finding similar effects with the tones to both therapies. He also has used the system for meditation and prayer and feels listening to tones improves the experience.

“I tried it on the website and was like “wow!” that was a lot like EMDR. I felt better just from trying the demo. 

“I hit triggers with my PTSD. I grab these and it helps me to stop thinking about the triggers.

“I use them when I am upset. They have a similar effect to EFT tapping. Sometimes I also listen while I am tapping.”

Director of MV Chamber of Commerce

Nancy is the perfect example of how the tones can easily be used at work to create an immense difference in productivity. She explains that when she is fatigued in the mid-afternoon and hitting a wall with whatever creatively she is trying to focus on or rallying staff, N.O.W. is what helps her to step back and make time and space.

“It is helping me to transform how I look at my day.

“In the middle of the day I shut my office door, sit at my desk with the tones in my hands, and just let them work their magic.

“I didn’t think there was something that could take the place of the bakery next door!

“It’s more what I need at that time in the afternoon when I’m fatigued and wanting to reach for a cookie or coffee. It immediately clears my mind and straightens my spine. It’s like magic!”

Production director and radio host

Laurel describes herself as an over-achiever and in constant motion. A trauma survivor and someone that suffers from anxiety and self doubt, she is still recovering emotionally from a car accident four years ago. Laurel feels similar effects from listening to N.O.W. as she feels from her EMDR therapy.

“It’s perfection. It is absolute perfection. Every time you sit down it feels familiar. Sometimes tones can be sharp and they don’t allow you to let go and meditate because you are preparing your eardrum for the next sharp sound, but with the N.O.W. there are two things for me; yes the unpredictability, but also there is no fear in the unpredictability. You are not fearing anything that comes next because there is nothing sharp coming at you. It has this smooth, mellow, calm tonality to it. It’s like it’s been put through honey on the way out. It’s beautiful. Your ears are literally being coated with this protective mellow shield.

“Since I have been listening I do my job better, I’m getting more organized, I am getting out of my way and letting actual creativity come, no more self-sabotage, I have been able to step aside from self-judgment and feel better about my own voice.

“I have anxiety and it’s hard for me to quiet myself. N.O.W. has been a godsend! It’s making everything slow down and I am able to process each moment more fully as a result.

“Listening to N.O.W. has strengthened me emotionally. I have always been very sensitive and very emotional. I go inside a lot and beat myself up. It’s made room for me to work on things that have been very deep. It’s let me clean house and move through the world a little more easily.


A visual artist who suffered a recent medical trauma. N.O.W. became an important touchstone in her recovery. Listening while in the hospital the tones created a familiar, safe feeling that carried into her recovery at home. The feeling of familiarity and safety makes it easier for her to fall asleep while listening, and to receive the rest her body needs.

“I look forward to listening at night. I often fall to sleep before the tones have even finished playing.

“I would ask for the tones often while I was very ill in the hospital. The sound and vibrations felt familiar, safe, and comforting. They really just calmed my body down and became part of my healing.”


“What a powerful tool to quiet the mind and soothe the heart. I have gifted this product to every therapist I know.  Thank you for developing this wonderful product.”


“I couldn’t be a happier customer. I always thought, like many people, that meditation was not something that would work for me. But after reading scientific studies of its positive effects, I decided to give it a try. N.O.W. has incorporated so beautifully into my (meditation) routine. First thing in the morning, before checking any notifications on the phone, I soothe myself with the sweet sounds of N.O.W., trying to get my focus on the sounds only, trying not to think about future plans, or past concerns. I love how the sounds play randomly, having a different experience each time, and how sometimes the notes create vibrations that resonate, quite literally, inside my brain. I am certain that using N.O.W. once or twice a day will allow me to focus more on the present, with the benefits of having productive work days and happy moments with my loved ones (enjoying each moment more by being “present”). I can now see how unhealthy it is to be constantly concerned (too much focus on the future) about things that are out of our present control.
Thank you so much for this amazing product. I hope many others find it as useful as I do.”


“So far so good! I purchased them for my wife for a Christmas gift, but we have both had positive experiences with the tones since then. 
My wife is a musician and she has taken to beginning her practice routine with them. While I know the two speakers are intended to be heard together, when she travels she’s been keeping one in her instrument case to keep the routine while on the road. 
We are very pleased with the tones, and very grateful you all have developed them!”

Law Professor

I am very ambitious and have a lot going on. I find by listening and having my brain focus on nothing for those few minutes, that later I can focus on a lot more.


Director, MV Chamber of Commerce

N.O.W. is more what I need at that time in the afternoon when I’m fatigued and wanting to reach for a coffee. It immediately clears my mind and straightens my spine. It’s like magic!


Medical Physicist

I use them when I am upset. They have a similar effect to EFT tapping. Sometimes I also listen while I am tapping.


Founder of the Kindness Rocks Project

The sound feels like ancient wisdom that’s been passed on for years and years and years. That ancient practice of going within where true wisdom lies.


Visual Artist

I would ask for the tones often while I was very ill in the hospital. The sound and vibrations felt familiar, safe, and comforting. They really just calmed my body down and became part of my healing.



I have replaced my practice of waking up and immediately checking the news and email on my phone (then feeling terrible and anxious), with listening to N.O.W.


Home Care Assistant

I feel more relaxed, more peaceful, and more comfortable with me.


Director of Development

I have found myself more focused in lengthy meetings, and more energetic in general.


Fitness Coach

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to be calmer in other parts of the day, not only when listening to the tones. That’s a major development.


College Student

I like to bring them on walks and use them between classes. When I listen I have the chance to remember how much better life feels when you take it one step at a time. This device doesn’t change the fact that my life is hectic and overwhelming, but it does change the way that I react to all the craziness in the world.


Recording Engineer

A benefit of my N.O.W. experience is gaining awareness of my inner dialogue.


Family Mediator

I turn them on in the house and they are restorative to us all.


Elementary School Teacher

I’ve been using the N.O.W. with my fifth grade students for a few weeks. The quality of their focus and calm is palpable. The practice has been really helpful in establishing a positive, mindful classroom culture.


Social Worker

I love the tones, they are comforting and constantly evolving — I can’t anticipate their order. After listening I feel alert and calm.


Bakery/Café Owner

The three minutes of listening to N.O.W. gives me a reset that lasts for hours. I love it. It helps me connect.


Student and Musician

I can’t remember the last time I slowed down like this and really just focused on my surroundings.