N.O.W.can change this.

Is it hard to stop thinking and worrying?

Now by solu circles

to help you get out of your own way, with ease.

N.O.W.is a unique system of pure tones

Now by solu circles


is try ourN.O.W.Tone Therapy System

All you have to do,

solu has a mission

Noise Reduction For Your Mind

The N.O.W. by solu Tone Therapy System was developed
to save people from drowning in a sea of their own thoughts. 

N.O.W. by solu helps people escape from unwanted past and future-obsessed thinking,
become more aware of the present moment, and be.

N.O.W. by solu delivers sound to bring you thought-free listening as a powerful meditation practice.

“Inspired by my listening in the fog more than 50 years ago, and further research into sound and consciousness, the proprietary New Origin Waveforms and my new product, N.O.W. by solu Tone Therapy System creates a unique N.O.W. Moment each and every second they are heard.”
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Michael Joly, Founder

"An easier, faster, and more sustainable way to be still, be at peace, and become more essentially you by way of effortless, meditative listening."
Michael Joly, Founder

N.O.W. teaches nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment and stillness. As the user brings attention to listening, N.O.W. helps to quell unwanted thinking—the source of all stress and discomfort—and replace it with stillness.

The volume level of N.O.W. at power on is a feature of sublime beauty. Somewhat quiet, it requires “intentional attention”—N.O.W. begins teaching you how to be present from the first moment you hear it.

How to use N.O.W. Simply hold one N.O.W. speaker in each hand and bring them closer to your ears. You can make a significant change in perceived volume by doing so. In fact, some people actually enjoy moving each N.O.W. speaker to and fro, closer and further away thus achieving a dynamic balance between them. It’s like an exercise in sonic Tai Chi!

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Listen, and end your problems. NOW tone therapy system.