Watch the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System video

A new way to relieve stress and anxiety.
Just listen twice a day.
For 3 minutes.
It’s mindfulness made easy.

N.O.W. is unlike anything you’ve heard or tried before. It is not white noise or guided meditation, and it is definitely not an app on your phone.

N.O.W. is also not music—each listening session is always different from the last.

You will find a 3-minute session with the N.O.W. tones to be easy, and very effective.

There is nothing else on the market today that is N.O.W.

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People try mindfulness meditation because it's known to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Sharpen focus
  • Help create energy
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Improve relationships
  • Promote positive change

But most people find mindfulness meditation too hard or too time consuming. So we made stress and anxiety relief easy and quick. Just listen to N.O.W. for 3 minutes 2 times daily. It's that quick and easy.

N.O.W. is a new concept and new product. You may have questions –– we'd love to hear them. Just email us: 

N.O.W. is much more than mindfullness meditation. N.O.W. is about getting your whole life to be lived well –– by rediscovering your essential self. And we figured out a way to make it simple, easy and quick.

N.O.W. is a ground-breaking product that brings you stress relief, focus enhancement, and a world of new possibilities. With a completely original and patent-pending concept (dual-channel, asynchronous aural neuromodulation), N.O.W. uses sound to cause a cognitive shift from your incessant, unwanted thinking to a non-judgmental awareness of the here and now.

solu co-founder Michael Joly built precisely-tuned analog instruments to create N.O.W's special tones, then consciously recorded them using microphones he designed specifically for N.O.W.

The tones are crafted to infinitely reconstruct themselves–in real time–to relieve the mind of its chronic, problematic thinking. Every listen will be distinct from the last, and from the next.

N.O.W. is the act of listening, made powerfully transformative, for you–and all you have to do is listen, for 3 minutes, 2 times daily.

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Just try N.O.W.
We fully guarantee your satisfaction.

In only 3 minutes of listening your mind is slowed down and your awareness increases. It’s your own signature meditation, done in your own way. Come for the peaceful listening, and stay for the miraculous life changes and transformations.

Just by listening.

The Steps to N.O.W.

  • Pick up one speaker, press ON.
  • Repeat with second speaker.
  • Place speakers on nearby surface, hold in hands or place on body.
  • Listen to the tones as they play in a forever new and changing arrangement.
  • Don’t worry as your mind wanders. Just come back to listening to the tones.
  • After 3 minutes the tones will fade down to silence, lifting you back into the environment around you.
  • The system shuts itself off for you, and you are free to be!

With regular use of your N.O.W. Tone Therapy System, as with regular mindfulness meditation, you will find the benefits to be cumulative.

Just listen for 3 minutes, 2 times daily. Yes, it's that easy.

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