N.O.W.can change this.

Is it hard to stop thinking and worrying?

Now by solu circles

to help you get out of your own way, with ease.

N.O.W.is a unique system of pure tones

Now by solu circles


is try ourN.O.W.Tone Therapy System

All you have to do,

solu has created the easiest and most effective way

to relieve your stress, remove your problems, and sharpen your focus.

We figured out how to make the simple act of listening powerfully transformative.

What if you knew that even short sessions of meditation help you to be more inspired and have more energy, be ready to connect to others, release your stress, rise above your anxiety, help you to sleep better, give you the feeling of having more time, and aid you in your coping strategies (at work, at home, with yourself, with you relatives, even with the news on TV)?

And what if it didn’t have to be like meditation?

Isn’t it better to know that not only is all of this true, but it can also be easy?

That is what we did: WE MADE MEDITATION EASY. For you. For everyone. And we made it as quick as toasting a piece of bread–maybe even quicker. No matter if you consider yourself dedicated or if you are just trying out mindfulness for the first time: if you start feeling great, who cares how hard you worked to get there? If you’re less afraid, more rested, and better able to handle every situation, aren’t you just glad got there?

We want you to be there. And we know how to do it. N.O.W. is about much, much more than meditation… N.O.W. is about getting your whole life to be lived well. Show up for 3 minutes of listening and let N.O.W. take care of the rest.

If N.O.W. was a gym:
You would only have to work out a few minutes a day.

N.O.W.‘s unique sounds are PRECISELY TUNED, created by an expert in the audio field, and uniquely combined to relieve the mind of its chronic, problematic thinking.

In only 3 minutes, your mind is slowed down and your awareness increases, allowing for peaceful inspiration, new insights, and joy to arise.

It’s like the greatest workout of your life, without the working out.

By using N.O.W. you will be happier, healthier, and more free of stress than you could ever have imagined. It’s meditation done for you, on a deeper level that is achieved faster than you can do on your own.

We stand behind the effectiveness of using N.O.W., and we stand behind helping you find total relief for stress, and total freedom to live as the person you are within your whole Self.

We believe this should be EASY for you, AFFORDABLE to you, and AVAILABLE when you want it.

N.O.W. by solu helps people escape from unwanted past-preoccupied and future-obsessed thinking, to become more aware of the present moment, and be.

…and when that happens, everything becomes possible.

An easier, faster, and more sustainable way to be still, be at peace, and become more essentially you by way of effortless, meditative listening.

NOW by solu box set

Finally… something that gives you the benefits of meditation without making you meditate.


Come for the relief to your stress, and stay for the miraculous life changes and transformations. N.O.W. is meditation and powerful mindfulness repackaged into a form so beautiful and easy, and so effective, it will immediately become a routine part of your life.

Listen, and end your problems. NOW tone therapy system.
"I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me."
Albert Einstein