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Noise Reduction for Your Mind™
Just listen twice a day for 3 minutes. It’s that easy.

Some people have tried meditation because it is known to:

  • relieve stress
  • sharpen focus
  • help create energy
  • promote restful sleep
  • improve connections to others

But most people find meditation too hard, too time consuming or “just not for me.”

We wanted to do something that could help these people. Perhaps you’re one of them.

N.O.W. is much more than meditation. N.O.W. is about getting your whole life to be lived well. And we figured out a way to make it simple and easy. 

N.O.W. is a ground-breaking product that brings you stress relief, focus enhancement, and a world of new possibilities. With a completely original and patent-pending concept (dual-channel, asynchronous aural neuromodulation), N.O.W. uses sound to cause a cognitive shift from your incessant, unwanted thinking to a non-judgmental awareness of the here and now.

We made listening powerfully transformative, for you. 

The unique sounds in N.O.W. are precisely created and tuned, and consciously recorded. Then they are designed to infinitely reconstruct themselves to relieve the mind of its chronic, problematic thinking. Every listen will be distinct from the last and from the next.

N.O.W. by solu

N.O.W. has hacked stress relief,
and made it real

N.O.W. has hacked meditation,
and made it easy

N.O.W. has taken “feel good,”
and made it healthy and affordable

NOW by Solu

Just try N.O.W. We will guarantee your satisfaction.

N.O.W. is unlike anything you’ve heard: it is nothing at all like music, and each N.O.W. listening session is always different.

In only 3 minutes of listening your mind is slowed down and your awareness increases. This allows for peaceful inspiration, new insights, and joy to arise.

It’s your own signature meditation. Done in your own way. Just by listening.

N.O.W. is packaged in a form so beautiful, easy and effective it will become a routine part of your life.

Come for the peaceful listening, and stay for the miraculous life changes and transformations.

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